Kratom Potentiators – Compounds for potentiating Kratom

Many users utilize potentiators’ substances, which are very effective with kratom and give positive results. A potentiator is known to increase effects of any kratom. Therefore, the user will use a lower dosage and still get the desired results.

Generally, you will come across many methods of boosting and patenting kratom. Combination of foods and herbs can produce synergistic effects, which result in enhancement of the herbal remedies like kratom. This process is known as potentization. It leads to improvement of the strength and potency of any kratom that has lower dosage. The results are great to the user.

Compounds for potentiating kratom

The kratom powder is obtained from a tree called Mitragyna Speciosa. The potency is highly increased by foods that we consume every day. Nevertheless, some users have identified good foods, which can be used for potentiating the kratom. These foods include;


This is a type of spice commonly found and grown in India. The spice has proved to be the best compared to all other foods because it produces the best kratom effects. Many users have discussed the spice to be the best boost to achieve kratom effects.

Grapefruit Juice

It helps in producing the desired effects. It is a common potentiator used in daily life routine by many users. When you use the grapefruit juice with the kratom, it removes all bitterness and becomes very easy to swallow. Therefore, many users prefer this method because of the bitterness alleviation. It has been used for a long period. In addition, you can use the grapefruit peels. They will eventually give the same results as the juice.

Cayenne Pepper

This hot pepper helps in cleansing and detoxing the body. It helps in increasing kratom’s efficiency and potency. Many users like mixing dry powder with cayenne pepper. It is important to note that the pepper has spiciness, therefore use it in small amounts. The pepper contains some strong compounds that help to produce saliva during digestion. It also helps in relieving pains in the joint and losing weight.


When purchasing the product, make sure to buy according to your budget. However, you should buy according to how you consume. Avoid putting in a large amount but the only needed quantity. The combination of the kratom and the potentiators will give you a long-lasting effect. It enables the user to get along with enough doses, while feeling more, relaxed, peaceful, and stimulated by the potentiators.

The effects of kratom are more heightened and powerful. You should not use all the potentiators simultaneously even if they are just a few. You should only use the standard amount that is required. Make sure to use it wisely. Consider your budget whenever buying the kratom you need. You do not need to buy in large amount.